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I am having trouble saving my scribe.

My scribe is 11 minutes long. After its finished loading and I have converted my scribe into  a file with a Mov format I click play, and everything is perfect; it is 11 minutes long but, until 2 minutes pass by, instead of having my whole scribe on the video I only get a part of it and the other 9  minutes stay on the last element shown at minute 2:06. The video goes on with that image. The rest minutes of my scribe disappear. And I don't know why.

Please help!!

Sounds to me like you have the camera position set incorrectly on a number of your elements in the middle of the scribe. This can be done if you have multiple elements selected and hit the camera position button while most of the selected elements are off screen. Joe covers how to set the position quite well in our second bootcamp video I'd have a look at that. If it turns out my educated guess is wrong save the scribe and attach it to the forum post and I'll load it up and take a look

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