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SVG file all white when imported into the Scribe tool


I have a problem. My svg file is all white, or there is nothing there when I import the file. I have another one and that one works. They both come from a graphic designer and I have no idea why this happens and I cannot tell him what to do or not to do when saving the svg files to avoid this. I have tried to open and resave the files from my end, but it still doesn't work. The file I attached doesn't work.

Thanks for any help

Best regards


Catrin, just passed this over to one of our illustrators to take a look. He'll get back to you shortly.

Hey Catrin,

It seems that SVG file has 2 issues. First, the file is drawn incorrectly for use in VideoScribe, please direct your graphic designer to this tutorial for instruction on drawing SVGs for VideoScribe in Adobe Illustrator.

Secondly, the file is corrupt (damaged) and is showing up as a blank box in VideoScribe. I've gone ahead and re-drawn your image in Illustrator and attached it to this message, if you run in to any more issues or have any questions please get back in contact and we'll be happy to help.

Thanks for your help!

My pleasure, if you have any more questions or concerns please let us know and we'll be back with help ASAP

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