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Powerpoint not play Videscribe file

I've created a Videscribe file and converted it to Powerpoint ppt. When I press play it gets as far as the hand (0.5 sec in) and then stops.  Strangely the powerpoint plays normally on the desktop computer in which it was created and works ok. When copying the file and playing on a laptop, the ppt powerpoint will not work.  Using a powerpoint ppt I created a few weeks ago works find on the laptop, just not the files created this week. The only change is that I've upgraded to v2.3.  Why would the file work on the desktop, but not on other laptop devices (I've tried 2), but a file created a while back works fine which rules out any settings in powerpoint itself. Can anyone help?

Just tested my issue again using both versions of Powerpoint 2010 and 2013. The file works fine in Powerpoint 2013 (this was the version on my desktop) and it does not work in Powerpoint 2010 (the version on my laptop). Seems the VideoScribe v2.3 has a bug in it in that the upgraded version does not allow for downwards compatibility. This was not an issue in the previous version of the VideoScribe software I believe. 

Sean, I can you have raised a support ticket for this so I will leave it to the team to look at the issue. I have asked them to pay special attention to any PowerPoint issues today and see if there are any common threads that can be attributed to a bug with v2.3  

What's the answer to this, did we get a resolution? I am having the exact same problem on 10. 

Assuming that it has not been resolved yet. If an older version of videoscribe worked fine, you can just uninstall the new version and reinstall the older version.

(click "ACCOUNT" at the top of this page then look  for the "see all versions" link)
(regular uninstall procedures should not affect any of your saved scribes, but it might be a good idea to save copies of everything online to be safe. Don't use any third party memory clean up software.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Rob, we asked Sean with some questions in his ticket but we never heard anything back. 

We asked if the video worked in PowerPoint generally. So if he published the file as a WMV video and manually imported this into PowerPoint did that work across different computers? Was it just the VideoScribe direct publish to PowerPoint causing the issue.

We also asked for a copy of the PowerPoint file as well so we could look at it on more detail and run some tests this end. 

i am having the same issues, i can play power point videos created by a friend on his videoscribe app but cannot play my own. i am on windows 10 with power point 2010. the whole file is there (i can scroll along the timeline) but it wont play.

possible answer: (not directly related to videoscribe...) Some powerpoint users reported that some security updates prevented powerpoint from opening files successfully. uninstalling the security patches fixed their symptoms.

Also some users reported that they had to "unblock" content in the properties menu for the content to play properly in PPT

Another possibility that the newest version of videoscribe probably uses the newest PPT codecs (possibly ppt 2013 or 2016?) so they won't open properly in older versions of powerpoint (2010 or older).

You could:
1) revert to an older version of videoscribe
2) upgrade to a newer version of powerpoint
3) export your video from videoscribe in mov format and manually import it into your current version of powerpoint to create your PPT (requires a pro videoscribe membership and a full working version of powerpoint).


-Mike (videoscribe user)

New to VideoScribe.   I created a VideoScribe file and converted to PowerPoint,  However when I try to play it will not play.  It seems to freeze up PowerPoint and I have to force it to shutdown PowerPoint.  I have Windows 2007.   

Please read the replies in this thread.
Try the solutions that have been suggested... and report your results.
or at least provide the files and answers that Barry requested from the previous user so customer support can do some testing.


I don't think there is such a thing as windows 2007.. Did you mean windows 7... or powerpoint viewer 2007?

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Yes,  I meant Windows 7 and PowerPoint 2007.  Sorry for the confusion.   

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