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copy and paste one element copies everything

Sorry, I'm new to this and I've searched but can't figure this one out. All I want to do is copy a few text and picture elements from one "view" and paste them into onto a different area of the whiteboard later in the scribe, and change the text.  When I do that, All the elements from that view get copied and pasted over into the preview, not just the one I selected. I have tried copying the element from the timeline, as well as from the preview and I get the same result. Then when I go to make the text changes and so forth on the pasted items in this later view, those changes also get reflected in the original "view". What am I doing wrong? All I want to do is basically duplicate and be able to change the text without it changing the original. 

Mari, to copy 1 item click on a blank area of the canvas which will make sure everything in deselected. You can then click on the item you want to copy and either right click>copy or use Ctrl+C. Ctrl+V then pastes a duplicate item onto the canvas or you can right click on a blank space and select paste. The duplicate will appear directly over the original image but you can drag it around on the canvas and also move it along the timeline as well to it's desired position on the canvas. With text/images you can then click on the properties box for the new item on the timeline and change the individual properties/text for that item and it will then only change that element and not the original.


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