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Hands shows when rendered when not using

I created a video with 2.3.0

When I created the video I used no hands to wite text. However, when it renders the video, it uses hands to write the text.

I did a video (attached) to show what I mean. Also attached is the scribe. I also updated the final video at

Meanwhile, Sparkol, see the attached video - hand.mp4. I also updated the rendered product to


I sure miss 1.3.26. 

hand.mp4 hand.mp4
1.91 MB
P.S. please make sure you watch the whole movie I attached above (hand.mp4) otherwise you will not see where I'm having issues. Sorry, I could not make it more exciting, but it is important you watch it all.


I'm having this issue as well. The pointer hand shows in the UI, but once rendered it changes to the pen. Super frustrating!

Yes, the problems continue. This time it was with the move in. When creating the move in, I used/selected NO HANDS. However, when it rendered the video, it used HANDS for the move in.

Did another video to show you (see attached) Also the scribe is attached.

I normally can make 300 to 400 dollars on the weekend when I was using 1.3.26. Now that I'm forced to use a buggy program with an awkward interface that slows me down, I'm lucky to make $10.

Please give me back 1.3.26. It worked without slowing me down.



again.mp4 again.mp4
1010 KB

Having thought about this more: does the export to ppt achieve anything more than what can be done by personally inserting a movie file produced by videoscribe?

Hi, so this seems to be related to the bug with hands showing after a zero draw time element as you have the scribble in use when the text changes and that is set to zero draw time. As I said in your other forum post this is with our developers to fix. 

At present there are 2 ways of fixing this. 

  • If all of your hands that follow elements with 0 time are the same set that as the default hand (so in this case no hand as default). As the bug reverts to the default hand. You can then amend the other elements you want to not be the default in their properties and as they do not follow zero time elements they will work fine.
  • Ensure that you have no zero time elements. 0.5sec in draw will stop this issue and if you do that with no hand it's unlikely the difference would be noticed in this scribe.
I have made the elements for you Dan in the scribe you added. Should render fine now.

Here's the second one for you as well

Just an update for you all on this bug...

We found the source of the fault yesterday so and are now working on fully developing, testing and implementing the fix. 

While there's still plenty to do we are aiming to fix this in release v2.3.2 and the scheduled release date for this is 18/11/2015. Have to emphasise that this is an ETA and also given the early stages we are in put extra emphasis on the 'E'! But thought you would like to know we are making progress and an early estimation of when we be releasing a fix.

Thanks Barry for the update, and suggestions, most helpful. good luck with the revised version.

Hi, It sounds like a similar issue I am having and wondering if the proposed fix will sort out my issue as well?

I have an item coming i from the left with a hand (fingers) - works perfect on the preview. But when I go to render it - it looks as if the object is pushed in by the palm of the hand rather than the fingers. It just looks odd.

I had noticed that this happened elsewhere in the scribe - and the common factor is that the previous object has a zero draw time. If I up the draw time - all seems to work as expected.

EXCEPT: I need the previous object, and a few more have a zero draw time as I need them to appear on the scribe at the exact same time.

My question is should the new release sort this out?



Could you try:
1) change the hands and the times to the way you want them, then
2) save and close the scribe, then
3) open it and immediately render it without making any changes?

I read that workaround for a "similar" problem in another thread so it might help.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike,

I'll give that a go tomorrow.


I'm having this problem too.  A hand is appearing when I export to a .mov file.  I have set it to no hand, and it's immediately after a 0 second animated object, so matching what others have experienced.

Adding a short animation to the previous element does indeed solve the problem, but this is not ideal.  Is a fix on the horizon? Thanks

Still scheduled for the next release of the software but the date for that has been pushed back a bit (was scheduled for the 18th of the month). Fix has been developed along with a few other things that will be in that release and it's in the testing phase now. If no issues are found during testing it won;t be too long until it's available.

Hello All, I bring you some good news which will hopefully be a nicer present than whatever Santa leaves you under the tree (ok maybe not but may make you smile a little)

We've only gone and released v2.3.3 today which includes the bug fix for this (plus a few other things and a load of new free images!)

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