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Trouble with saving re-imported scribe


I've had this issue a couple of times now, so I wonder if it's a bug.  I saved all my old scribes out to scribe files a while ago, but now if I i re-open any of them, I can't then save them either locally or in cloud - I can re-save them as a scribe file however.

Any ideas?


Jenny, what happens when you try to save to the base folder or cloud? Do you get an error? Are those buttons just not activated?

If you want us to take a look you can attach a scribe here. Or if you want to keep your work private raise a ticket with our support desk and attach your scribe to that instead of a public forum.

This exact thing is happening to me.  Yesterday it was fine.  Today I can't save anything.

(be sure to read Barry's reply and answer his questions)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mary Jo

The issue for me was resolved when I removed the soundtrack from the scribe ... bit mysterious, but possibly caused by the soundtrack location within the software changing from when the file was originally saved.

Give it a try ...


Thanks for all your suggestions.  I finally rebooted my machine, and went back to the version that I had been working on yesterday.  Lost about an hours worth of work, but am able to save now. 

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-Mike (videoscribe user)


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