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import images problem


I love the software, it's quite handy and easy to use. I want to buy it but I want to make sure my problem will be solved before taking that step.

The animation goes properly with first image I import but then it starts animating previous images before the imported one. I realised that after playing it over and over again the hands animated is tracing the paths of the previously imported image. The .SVG file is very minimal black lines, done with pencil/pen tool in illustrator. 

Hi, If you save your scribe to the online cloud directory and post the name of it here I would be happy to take a look and see what's going on

Hi Barry,

I drew a few random shapes as a trial, as you can see. The paths of the animation always starts with the previous image path and you see the supposed animation only at the end of it. How can I change that? Also in the first image, animation traces outlines of the paths of the flower.

This the file title: import image trial

Please check it and tell how can that be fixed.

Thanks for your help,



I've exported the 3 SVG files from that scribe and I can see the problem. You have created a lot of images in on one file and just hidden the layers you don't want to see. 

Problem with this is while they are hidden so the lines won't show VideoScribe will still follow the mapping. 

So I have opened each file individually, deleted the hidden layers and also amended the remaining strokes so they are all on one layer. This seems to have solved the issue. 

So in future just create one drawing and then open a fresh file to create your next.

I have attached the new SVGs below

Barry, I tried what you suggested and it worked perfectly, thanks. Only I have a problem with shapes that I change stroke settings in illustrator. Does it always have to be basic? As you can see, it traces the outlines and the image appears suddenly at the end. I slowed down the animation so you can see it yourself.

File name: trial 2


So I can see the issue with the heart and cat images in that scribe. The lady's face and flower seem fine. 

So had a look at those SVGs in Adobe Illustrator and it looks like you have drawn the lines as fills rather than strokes with the pen/pencil tool. So I would create a new layer and go back over the image with strokes then remove the fill layer. That should sort them.

No they are strokes, set to 3pt, but I changed the variable width of the stroke as you can see. the fill is empty.

I can see they would have started as strokes but they appear to have been expanded which puts the path around the outside and turns them into fills 

what are the steps to fix that please?

If you still have the file open you can 'Undo' but once saved and committed I am not aware of a way to reverse the process

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