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license purchase

 Good evening! I'm from Brazil and became interested in the videoscribe. My question is on the purchase of annual leave and indefinitely to acquire'll download the software to install on my computer I can use my own files without being connected to the Internet since the videoscribe uses files online as well. The purchase of an annual license when it expires I will have to buy accessing a new purchase? On leave indefinitely will not pay any more is not it!
Thank you

Once you have verified your account and logged-in for the first time you will be able to log-in and work offline. You just need to make sure that select the Remember Me box when you first log-in so your credentials are remembered and do not need to be checked when you log-in offline. 

If you buy a annual subscription you will be able to log-in and use the application for a year. You can also render any work you do to video and save those videos outside of the application so you can use them after your subscription has expired. 

There is also a one off payment which gives you lifetime access to the product and all future updates. 

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