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Problems with audio

Hi there, I'm looking for some help with adding voiceover tracks to a scribe, as I've experienced several problems.  I have uploaded a pre-recorded narration to each of the three scribes I have created.  When I close the scribe and then re-open the audio seems to be lost.  If I click on the 'microphone' icon the track appears to be there-it says 'Voiceover present (0 seconds)' and when I go to play the scribe there is no longer an audio track.

I'm now trying to export the scribes, but have only successfully exported one with the audio in tact-multiple attempts at exporting the others (either as Powerpoint embedded files or .mov files) have failed to retain the narration.  I would also have liked to have used one of VideoScribe's music tracks in addition to the voiceover, but they don't seem to play back after being added.

Thanks in advance.

Ros, It could be the way you are saving your scribes that is causing this. I would: 

  • delete the audio from the scribe completely
  • re-save it to the base folder as a new file by slightly changing the file name
  • re-add the audio
  • save again to the base folder
  • then render the file
When you render a file it always reverts to the last save point so I would as a habit always save the file to the base folder before you render. If you have added music and then rendered to video before saving and then saved after that the render before the save may have messed with the audio.

Hope that makes sense but if you have any more problems then feel free to log a ticket with support and we can take a closer look at your scribe

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