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MAC OSX 10.5.5 Can't move images on canvass

I just opened Video scribe. I can rotate images, resize images, but I can't move them. Any idea what to do next?

Charles, Afraid OSX 10.7 and above is a minimum system requirement for VideoScribe Desktop and moving images is one of the things that doesn't work on older versions. 

I've got the latest version of OS and am having the same problem. I can select, scale, rotate, but not move. I have to restart the program constantly!

Mark, I can see you have logged a ticket for this as well. My colleague is working on that now and will have a response for you shortly

Was there a solution to this problem?  I seem to have the same problem after I have saved a project.  I am using Yosemite, which is 10.10.


It appears it was a bug VideoScribe has that affects some Mac users, related to using the Ctrl+click command.

Some Mac users have reported losing varying amounts of functionality and after some investigation we have found that it is related to using the Ctrl+click command. The Ctrl+click command is used to bring up the right click menu in VideoScribe and you should avoid using it. You can set your mouse/trackpad up to right click so you can avoid the use of the Ctrl+click command.


You can set your Apple mouse or trackpad up so that it right clicks thus avoiding issues related to using the ctrl button.

To set up your mouse:

1. Go to “System Preferences”


2. Click “Mouse” or “Trackpad”

3. Click “Secondary click” so the checkbox has a tick in it

Your mouse or trackpad is now set up to right click.


Please restart VideoScribe and avoid using Ctrl+click and the issue will not recur. 

Thank you.  That worked. 


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