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Scribble problem


I have a scribe where at the end I use scribble to make a text and a cloud disappear. While I am in Videoscribe everything looks good, but when I render it, I see the hand erasing the words but then they immediately shows up again.

I tried both scribbles, with and without hands, different time settings.

Am I missing something or is it a bug?

Sometimes it works perfectly something it doesn't.

I attached the scribe and the rendered video.


Hi Andrea,

It is a code error that occurred in v2.3 and we are in the process of fixing. v2.3.1 is not too far away and will include a fix for this. 

Basically now when you Morph the code you assumes you are morphing from the last element and removes it. Where you are morphing from an element earlier in the scribe this then causes the last element to disappear even though you don't want it too.

There is a workaround and that is to duplicate the image incorrectly removed straight after itself with 0 draw, pause and transition time so the duplicate is removed and the original remains. I have done this for you, if you render the attached file it'll show as you require now.



Sparkol Support Team

Thank you that really helps! Looking forward to the fix.

All the best,



No Problem! glad to help

Hello All, just an FYI that v2.3.1 has been released in the last few minutes and this morph bug is fixed in that version along with a few other new features and bug fixes.

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