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Saving and sharing a scribe

I created a scribe with the free trial then realized that I could not save it or share it so I purchased the PRO which states I would not lose any of my video. The payment processed and I have the receipt. The video is still up but when I try to save it and share it, I am unable and get the same message that I need to purchase PRO. HELP

1) Sometimes there is a short wait before your payment is processed by the credit card company and then your account is officially upgraded. click the YOUR ACCOUNT link at the bottom of this page to check your membership status.

2) Sometimes payments do not complete successfully. If your account is still a trial membership, check that your payment is not still "on hold" or declined by your credit card.

3) If you had more than one trial account, make sure you log into the one that has been upgraded.

4) Customer support works weekdays during UK business hours, so they can help you during that time. You may want to contact them directly: RAISE A TICKET

5) after you become Pro, be sure to logout (close and restart) and log back into videoscribe so you will be flagged as a Pro member at the time of login.

6) If there is a problem with your scribe causing it to freeze the program, please save your work online and tell support the name of the scribe so they can take a look at it and determine what is preventing it from rendering properly.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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