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Problem with zooming


I am a beginner. I have just started using videoscribe and really I do not get how zooming works..Everything else seems straightforward to me except that...How come when I zoom I spend a lot of time to "recover" from using zooming? How come if I select one element zooming applies on ALL items on my page. How to "cancel" the use of zooming everytime I zoom by mistake..It is a nightmare to fix afterward (if for example I did not set the camera on other elements before zooming). Thanks for your help.


Any time you have an element selected, and you have the camera positioned where you want it to be for that element, click "set camera". Otherwise videoscribe will choose a default camera position for you.

As a rule, I usually click "set camera" immediately after I import each image (while the image is still selected). then I move and scale things as desired and click "set camera" again (with the current image still selected).

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boot camp video: set-the-camera-position-and-use-zoom-bootcamp-session-2

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


Yes that helps!Thanks a lot Mike. I will also review carefully the related thread...

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