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What do you think of the new Tawe desktop app?

Hi everyone,

You may have noticed there have been some big releases recently. Tawe iOS has been joined by Tawe Android and the feature-packed Tawe desktop

Have you tried any of the Tawe apps yet? We'd love to know what you think.

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Really like Tawe and currently planning some demos to showcase to academics at work as a tool for making materials. Some way of importing sound could be very useful rather than having to record though - any plans for this functionality?

Hi Martin, great question.

Tawe is very new and we are looking for great feature ideas for it.

There are no plans for this feature but it has been submitted to the development team.

I think it could be a killer feature for those less technically able. Professionally I come across a lot of University teaching staff who'd love to use Tawe and VideoScribe, but the need to record the audio in one take will stop them. At least with videoscribe I can show them how to record audio, edit and import an mp3, then it's fairly simple to time the action to the audio. 

But for Tawe I know it will just put many staff off using it when I demo it. It's a shame because it could be used by those who still use chalk and talk style teaching - quick photo of the blackboard/whiteboard and they could easily knock up really useful materials but having to do it in one take is just going to put them off. 

Thanks for taking it on board, as I say I'm loving Tawe - it's simplicity is brilliant, I've done stuff like this before using editing software and it's been a massive pain so will definitely be utilising myself.

I've been using it on my desktop and today I just tried it on my android. But when I want to publish a video it is asking me to pay for credits. Is there a way to render the video and just save as a file? I don't need to always post things online, even if they are private. Also, as a pro user do I have to pay for these credits?

Hi Jonathan,

You will be able to earn free credits by performing certain tasks on the android app. You can use these credits to publish videos to and from there you can download your video as an MP4 to your computer/phone. You can set the visibility of your video to public, private or unlisted (unlisted being where it will not show up in a search but anyone you share the link with will be able to view it).

You would need to pay to render from the Android app (if you do not have any free credits left) but as a Pro user you can save your Tawe to your online directory (cloud icon), load it up in Tawe Desktop and then render from there.

I'm loving Tawe ... I'm wondering how do I go about deleting videos form And is there some why to preview the video on the desktop before I send it off to be published? I'm ending up with tons of copies because I need to listen to it before I know if I want to keep it and publishing seems like the only way to do that..



Once you have logged-into with your account you have a 'My Videos' option available in the top of the page. From here you can click on the videos you have published and there are a whole host of options underneath the video, one of which is remove video.

On your second question of watching a preview of your Tawe before publishing on the desktop application. Yes there is. When you hit publish the Tawe you get a confirmation box and asked to hit publish again. Your Tawe is previewable on that screen using the play button in the bottom left.

Just installed Tawe and think it has a lot of potential. My question is: is there a way to replace the image you're using in Tawe because you want to make a slight edit to it -- but keep your same camera movements? Or do you have to start over again with a new edited image?

Unfortunately not... good idea though. I'll add to the list of possible new features for the product and development team to consider

Just playing with Tawe and can see plenty of potential uses.  Unfortunately not being able to pre-record the voiceover as mp3 and upload (like in Videoscribe) is a major requirement for me that is missing.

Any plans to incorporate that?  Also, the ability to include a music track?



Adrian, there is a separate thread for the pre-recording a voice over feature. So give that a like! Every idea we see here is being added to the pot of potential features for the product and developments teams to consider

We have updated our help pages today and Tawe now has it's own help site. As a result this forum is no longer on the VideoScribe help pages and now can be found at

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