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Meta Tags for purchase images


I purchased an image.

I had it in my recent library, and then accidentally deleted it.

How do I find it again?  :)

Is there a "place" where purchased images live - as I have tried all the searches I thought I'd used, and cannot see it appearing anywhere, either with a red "flash", or without!

I do not seem to be able to use the Description on the Invoice either...  :(



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I'm sure customer support will have an official answer for this, but I have a suggestion in the meantime.

1) If you used the image in a previous scribe, just open that scribe, and select and copy the image. then close the scribe and open whatever new scribe you are working on, and paste the image into the new scribe.

2) You MIGHT also be able to right-click the image and save it to your hard drive , but I think I read that you cannot do that with purchased library images.

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


There is a really handy Instant Answer for Purchased Images, from what I can see it answers all your questions... key bits for you are pasted below:

How do I find and use the image later?

If you want to use your image again in your scribe, or in another project, you can.

You do not need to buy the image again. Your card will be charged again if you do.

There are 2 ways to do find and re-use your image:

(a) Click the Add image icon
(b) Click the Recently used images (history) icon
(c) Find your image - you may have to scroll through your history if you’ve used lots of images since using the one you’re looking for

or, if the image you want is not shown in your history:

(a) Open a scribe that contains the image
(b) Right click on the image and copy to clipboard
(c) Open the project you want to use the image in
(d) Right click and paste the image onto your canvas

Hope that helps


Sparkol Support Team

Sorry for the delay.

This is not very satisfactory IMHO. For example...

I have just wanted to re-use a "meditating" character. I know I purchased one, I clear my history regularly, and I have no idea which of the dozens of Scribes he's in.

I have a deadline, and there's no way I can search through every scribe to see an image I have already bought.

This is a crazy system...I cannot search on the image, and I cannot see what I've bought in a folder or library.

Not good...........  :(

I do understand your frustration! I know it's not going to change the need to search now but one tactic employed by VideoScribers is to save a scribe on their cloud folder called 'Purchased Images' and just save every image they buy on that scribe. Just gives you one place to go and copy/paste from one location. 

Great idea!

Still needs to be completely reworked as a process though, it's not sustainable for "high-volume" users who are purchasing lots of images - especially without the meta-tagging.


Bruce, I have moved this topic onto our Ideas and Feature Requests section. If it gets enough interest/support from other scribers it may well find it's way onto the product roadmap. I'll give it a like to get it started!

Absolutely agree. I really need a more user friendly way to get at my paid images. Make it so, thanks :)

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