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Pauses in drawing (would save me vast amounts of time).

 I can reduce my work time by a factor of 10 or more by inserting pauses into drawings at the SVG level. That is, I find VideoScribe's timing features to be pretty useless. I just load the rendered images into Premier and synch them up with the soundtrack there. That alone shaves vast amounts of time off the project. I can save even more time by not having to break up a large drawing into small ones and insert them individually into the scribe, simply to get a pause in the drawing process.

Right now, I'm solving this problem with a kluge. I draw a small dot at the bottom of the image every time I need a pause. The "hand" moves down there to do the drawing, and I just crop in premier to remove the drawing of the dot entirely.

What I'd really like is a way to specify an explicit pause time between every vector. Even better, have a magic element (a text element holding nothing but a space, for example) that would not be rendered, but would cause the hand to go away for half a second or so.

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From the project screen in VideoScribe there is a settings cog icon in the bottom right between help and import project. From here you can set the defaults for any new scribe project you create. That includes the default pause time so set that as required before you open a project and all your item will pause for that amount. You can them go to the properties of any element as well and set pause times there should you want different pauses for different things.

Hope that helps


Sparkol Support Team

Barry, I don't think you read my original note. It's precisely that process that's giving me fits. My current workflow involves creating a large drawing and then breaking it up into smaller chunks in order to add pauses as you describe. To do that, I need to move things to layers and export each layer as it's own SVG file (I have an Illustrator plug in to do that). I then have to import these files one at a time using Vidoscribe's ridiculous file-selection dialog (because VideoScribe  doesn't support drag and drop), then manually and painstakingly rearrange everything because images aren't imported at the original (or any predictable) size. All of this takes a ridiculous amount of time.

What I want to do is load a single image into Videoscribe and just play it back. Problems then arise when I edit the resulting movie to synchronize it with the audio (don't get me started on how brain dead VideoScribe's audio capabilities are when you're trying to get accurate synchronization---Premier works much much better).

I need to cut the longer video into clips and then adjust the timing of each clip in Premier. However, there are no good cut points because I can't get the hand to go away. That is, what I want is brief points in the drawing process (a frame or two would be fine) where the hand is not visible. Ideally, I'd be able to specify where these points would be. As I said, a marker such as a blank text object would work fine for this purpose. Better yet, add a brief area of non activity every time the rendering system moves from one top-level layer to the next top-level layer in the SVG file.

Not using Premier for the editing is not an option. Even with all the steps I outlined, above, it's still quicker to use Premier than it is to use VideoScribe's timeline and trial-and-error adjustments to get the timing right.


Ah I see, sorry misunderstood your original post. In that case thanks for the feature suggestion, our product development team will review these regularly when looking at ways to improve the product. We also keep an eye on how may likes an idea is getting and the more popular it is the more likely we are to implement it.

I am interested too in this feature.

I also need this feature. I concur with the points Allen made.

If you like this idea, please make sure that you click the 'Do you like this idea?' link beneath the original post to show your support.

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