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Bug - scribe resets

Hi all,

So I've had a scribe I've been working on reset back to its original state, causing me to lose hours of work. This has happened on four separate scribes so it is not a corrupted file. It seems to happen when I press the enter key on my keyboard and not use the mouse to click to enter.

I was making some finishing touches to the pause timing of the final elements of my scribe (2 minute scribe), I clicked on the pause length, entered a value, pressed enter and up popped the loading symbol and my scribe reverted back to the state it was in over two hours ago.

I now have to go back and redo all the work I have just done.

This is hugely frustrating as it has happened several times and I'm begin to get anxious about whether I can deliver on time using VideoScribe. I'm starting to feel I can't trust this software to work properly.

Anyone else found this?



That does sound frustrating, sorry to hear you've experienced this issue. I am going to raise this as a ticket with the support team and get them to investigate this and try to replicate it to see if it is a bug with the software. If it is we can log it with our developers for a fix in a future release.

In the meantime I obviously recommend avoiding the enter key (as hard as that is, it's habit right!) and also saving your work regularly. Could be that it is reverting back to the last saved version if it is a bug. 

Hope that helps


Sparkol Support

Also Dan, may be worth downloading the latest version of the software from just in case you are on an old version and it doesn't happen in v2.3



Sparkol Support

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