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insert a voice over

Hey, i have a video and want to record a voice over. When I do the reocrding everything seems fine, but when I finally play the video I can not hear the voice over...? and yes my microphone and the audio on my computer works well...

In case you may be missing a step, check out this tutorial video starting at about time index 1:10

otherwise, are you able to take a screenshot of how the voice recording menu looks when you are recording (and attach it here)?


-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Nicolas,

As Mike said I would watch the bootcamp video just to make sure you are following all the steps correctly. There is also a Record a Voiceover Instant Answer which may help.

If you're still having issues you can save your scribe to the online cloud directory and raise a ticket naming your scribe in the description. That way one of the support team can access the scribe and take a look for you.

Hope that helps


Sparkol Support

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