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Make an image move


I have questuion. I would like to make the mug image move around the canvas but always my first mug remains on canvas at the end of morphing not during morphing, not desappear as in your case.

Thank you in advance

Best Regards


Mug.scribe Mug.scribe
2.02 KB

1) Be sure to check the "clear item" box in the morphing menu.

NOTE to CUSTOMER SUPPORT: on the Instant Answer for morphing in V2, it currently says "UNcheck 'Clear item' ", but I think it should say "CHECK 'Clear Item' " insure that the first image is not left behind.

2) if you leave "zoom at end" checked in the video preview screen, all morphed items reappear at the end. So uncheck that option.

3) If 1 and 2 are taken care of, then the original item should not reappear in your rendered video. However when you are previewing your scribe, videoscribe will play the preview and then return to the work view so it looks like the mug has reappeared.

4) If you took care of steps 1 and 2 above but the mug still reappears in the rendered video, then try deleting the morph images completely, adding them back in, and setting up the morph again.

Hope that helps,
-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike.

I have corrected this mistake in the Instant Answer.

I have checked the scribe and it does disappear so if you render the scribe.

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