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missing old animations

I just installed 2.3 and when I opened it, all of my old animations are gone. Booooo! Is there a way to import them from videoscribe's cloud into the new version. I had it all on videoscribe's site and am on a new computer so I don't have the original ones to import.

Videoscribe does not delete your online scribes, so if you saved scribes online they are still there (unless you deleted them yourself)

My guess is that:
1) maybe your internet connection was interrupted, or you logged in "offline"
2) maybe you have made more than one account and you are logged into the wrong one, or the "new" one which does not have the old files.
3) maybe you actually saved all of your scribes locally instead on online so they are only accessible from your old computer

Good luck,
Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike, but it's none of those. 

Hi Dave, thanks for getting in touch.

I have checked your  history and looks like the saves made were all local.

I cannot see an online Save being made and all saves show they were saved locally.

You will be able to log in to your old computer to access these, I suggest

saving your work to the online/cloud directory which will enable you to access them from other computers.

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