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Marker sound

I would like marker sound while the hand is writing (the little "squich squich" sound). The sound must be sync with handwriting of course.

Can it be done ?

Hi Laurent,

Thanks for your question.

Last year we were testing a sound effects feature for VideoScribe.

We are still working on this and hope to release a version that allows sound effects in the future.

At present the only way to do this will be to incorporate the sound into an MP3 file and import that as part of either a voice over or sound track.

Hi Joe.

It's a polite way to say that it doesn't work yet...

The problem with your suggestion is that it can't be synced with marker movements onscreen, AFAIK.

I look forward for next relase therefeore.

Thank you.

I experimented with these sounds for a project, using an external video editor. What we discovered was, while they did sound natural if synchronized correctly, they quickly became annoying and distracting. So we tried including the sounds for just the first few seconds, then just decided to delete them altogether. 

I have since noticed that movie soundtracks, while they may include SOME ambient sounds, never include ALL ambient sounds. This may be for a related reason. I predict that, if VideoScribe does add this feature, most users will come to the same conclusion: they are cute, but annoying and distracting.

Hi Joe,

I have the same question that Laurent Duchastel asked few years ago. Is there any way that I can export my scribes with pen sound? I remember we could export with pen sound. But now I couldn't get the sound. Please help me.



It's still not possible to add sound effects to individual elements in VideoScribe. Some work was done on this a couple of years ago and we released a beta version with sound effects but it did not work very well so we decided to remove the feature. There is a possibility that this feature will be available in a future release but it is not something we are working on at this time.

Thank you Matthew for quick respond. But really disappointed. I remember we could export scribes with pen sound. I guess that's the beta version you mentioned, it was working properly I think. 

But however, if you could upgrade Sparkol with that feature would be great!

Many Thanks

Well, I think my question was reply but unfortunately you are at 2019 version and the pen sound isn't work yet. It's very bad. 

Hi Ligia, We do not currently offer the feature to add sound effects to individual elements. It has been mentioned before, though, it is not currently a feature we are working on. Here is feature request forum that you can follow if you're interested,

Hi! Any news on the subject since last year? Don't see any info on the topic mentioned.

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