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Grouping obects and animating two obects simultaneously

I am trying to create seesaw effect with files at both ends i am unable to do so.

Can i group two objects at the same time so that i can move the flies and slide both together.

More files on one end of the bar --- slide goes down while the other end having less files the bar moves up along with the files.

Please suggest. 

Hi Praveen,

Thanks for getting in touch.

This is currently not a feature in VideoScribe.

You can create a single SVG file with multiple images so they behave as on when imported in to VideoScribe.

This Instant Answer explains how you do this.


Another question, I need to charge mu account for next one year 

Please help and let me know the next steps

Praveen, Your annual subscription will automatically renew on the 30th November. But at the moment we have a proce reduction in place and your subscription will renew at it's original price. So I would recommend cancelling your current subscription then visiting once that subscription has expired and taking out a brand new one. That way you will pay $144.00 instead of $198.00.

So should i cancel it now ? or wait till the last day.

As i dont want it disrupt my current projects i am working on. 

And will this remove all my previous work?

one more querie.

Recently i have been facing lot of issues. 

1 - for a particular object i had sent no hand which means it should draw or appear on its own 

this when i view it / play it its works fine but when i convert into a video the hand is shown.

Can you please help me to resolve this.

Praveen, That one's a known bug and if I am right the element before that hand will have 0sec draw/pause/transition time. To get round this just add a minimum of 0.1sec to either the draw, pause or transition and then VideoScribe will apply the custom hand you have set for the next element. This is a known bug and we are working on releasing a fix for this in v2.3.2 which will be out next month.

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