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Are there plans to make an illustration disappear after x amount of time?

This is really needed! I can't remember reading that there are plans to make this feature. Can anyone confirm that you are working on this?

The feature I'm talking about is for example if you make an animation of a tree with 3 apples in it, 2 red and 1 green, and you then make a circle around the green apple, and you want the circle to disappear after you have talked about the green apple. This is currently impossible without some way too bothersome tinkering.

Hi Bjami,

There are no immediate plans to add this feature.

We do have a number of requests similar to this with development but it is currently not on the release schedule.

I have to say, that's disappointing.

I really hope you will consider adding this feature. I've needed it multiple times in every single videoscribe I've created.

PLEASE ADD this Feature.  It could be as simple as adding a time element to each image if selected would fade or disappear at a specific time - if not checked then it remains...   or cloning a specific tile and give the ability to link so that and end or erase can be added...

Guys, please vote on the feature request if this is something you want to see. Votes will get this request consider quicker.

Fade an object out

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