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How do I produce a Video Scribe in a square format?

How do I produce a VideoScribe in a square format, as opposed to a 16:9, for instance? Thanks!

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You would have to render the video and then crop it using a video editing program.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hey Guys, is there something new about this issue? This question was made in 2015.

Can I render the video in a square format? 


The video proportions feature has not changed. You could check the feature request forum and see if anyone has requested it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Yes, there are no plans to implement an option to render videos in 1:1 aspect ratio. As Mike said, 'you would have to render the video and then crop it using a video editing program'.

I know this has been a feature request for nearly 5 years. I hadn't run into it as an issue until today. 80% of those on social media prefer the square aspect ratio for videos. Everything is moving to social, so I am guessing this has to be high on your list  - if it isn't, then I think you might be in trouble. The idea of recreating the landscape version of a highly successful video I recently built (and then having to figure out video software to edit the left and right sides) is not something I am looking forward to. Crossing my fingers that you can get this done soon for future work I have to create! Thanks

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