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preparing scripts for whiteboard video voice overs

I am about to embark on our first use of VideoScribe to create three corporate whiteboard videos.  Does anyone out there have any suggestions or examples that would help a novice?  I would normally create a script or content outline first, get sign-off from the client and then write the final script and share this with my Art Director who will now use VideoScribe to storyboard each whiteboard video.  Any examples or advice would be greatly appreciated as VideoScribe does not have a tutorial for this yet.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your question.

We do not have a specific tutorial for your question.

What we do have is a number of resources that will assist you in creating great Scribes.

Engage Blog

There is a whole host of valuable articles and posts here which will help you create the best Scribes.

There are are number of different categories that the Engage Blog covers:







We also published an e-book with some of our partners specifically about Scribing and whiteboard animations.

This is a free to download for any one with a Sparkol account from Your Account page

If you need specific questions on how to use VideoScribe, Instant Answers and the Community pages are a great source of information.

If you need technical, account help or have issues with the software you can raise a support ticket with the details.


Here are some hints for first-time animators:

  • It is not necessary to animate (use the hand to draw) every element. In each scene, have the hand draw the element to which you wish to focus attention.
  • Record the voiceover early in the process, then use that to time all your animations. If recording voiceover yourself, speak slowly and clearly (no more than about 120 words per minute), and pause in between sentences. You can adjust timing later.
  • It is MUCH easier to use an external audio editor to edit/adjust the voice track
Many more hints and tips are available in past messages in this forum.

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