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It just stopped working

I was working on my video and my mistake selected the music option. The screen frizzed and I haven't saved my work, I'm in the 7 day trial, and I'm afraid that if I force to close the app, I will lose a two week work

I can't guarantee it , but I think that autosave will offer you the choice to restore the most recent autosaved version if you have to restart videoscribe. If you don't accept when given that option then the autosave will be erased I believe.

freezing like that usually results from excessive memory usage (in the 1.2 to 1.7 GB range) You may be able to check your system memory usage in some way to confirm that is the cause. 

to avoid memory related problems:
Instant Answer: crashing-and-freezing-videoscribe-free-pro-and-edu (and other problems)
community thread: TIPS to Avoid or Fix Videoscribe freezes, crashes, slowdowns, failure to export, or erratic behaviours.

-Mike (videoscribe user)



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