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Publish performance

Publishing a five minute video currently takes around 45 minutes on my desktop. Could anyone tell me how I can speed up this process? Is this a simple matter of more processor power, more memory or a better graphics processor?

What are normal times for publishing a five minute scribe?


Hi Marcel,

Thanks for your question.

Rendering speeds vary on a variety of factors.

  • Length of scribe
  • The amount of items/elements in the scribe
  • The Audio/soundtracks being used
  • The size of any imported files e.g. images
  • The amount of different camera positions set
  • The amount and length of any text used
  • The File type selected for rendering (Pro)
  • The resolution selected for rendering (Pro)
  • The Frames per second (FPS) selected for rendering (Pro)
  • The specification of the computer used

There is no specific answer as to why your video is taking a while and it is dependent on all the above factors and adjusting these factors will have a bearing on the time it takes to render.

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