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Interface Update ideas

I'm new to VideoScribe, but what I have seen so far I like.

I do have some suggestions:

In the popup for viewing images, when you right click the image and than click on preview image, it would be nice to have the option to see it animated AND the option to see a static version. It seems a little tedious to sit through the animation just to see if the final image is one that I would like to use.

Also after setting the camera view, it would be nice to have the ability to come back and click the properties to see what the original percentage was.


Hi Ryan, thanks for your feedback.

In relation to the Preview option I'm assuming you're using a PC and you're wanting to preview an SVG?

The reason you cannot see the SVG is because it is not a feature in file explorer for Windows (you can see them on a Mac as it is a feature).

On an earlier version we had our own GUI that allowed you to do this, however the general feedback was that it was slow and not very helpful.

If you are using a Windows PC and want to see a thumbnail of the SVG files, this Instant Answer will assist you.

We have a few feature requests regarding the zoom and percentages which are currently with the development team for review which is an area we hope to improve upon in the future.


I appreciate your answer. However, I believe there is a miscommunication.

When I'm in the image chooser that shows the thumbnail version of the character (as seen below), the images can be a little hard to determine what the exact character looks like. The right click preview will start animating the character. However, it seems tedious to wait for the image to animate to see what it actually looks like. I appreciate the thumbnails are smaller to view more on the screen, however that size comes with a price of making the characters a little more difficult to see.

Also, I know I grabbed the screen shot before the characters all loaded, which is why I see the VideoScribe Icon.


Thanks for the clarification on the Idea and apologies I did not understand the initial request.

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