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How do I control how the SVG is drawn?

I create SVG's in adobe flash professional but I don't know how I control how it is drawn?

I want it to start with the outlines and then color in, but it just makes this weird scribble of the outlines first and then the rest appears..

I found a tutorial that gave me an idea on how to do it by drawing with the pencil tool into my brush tool and then making the line transparent, but I'm running into a much weirder problem now.

This is how it looks in flash, really normal, with a transparent outline:

However this is how it looks when I import it into videoscribe:

For some reason there's a white blank space and  the outline is visible??

I only have this problem after I added the outlines..

Eh, it only happens after I change my outlines to an object...And I need to do that to change the alpha..

if you want feedback on an SVG, please upload the SVG.

if you are using an alpha mask instead of a regular stroke with a 0% opacity, that could be a problem.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hey Mike. I'm slowly but surely figuring this out. I think I'll just go with the pencil instead of brush. Seems too much hassle with a brush. Thanks for your reply, though.

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