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Inkscape - Draw the fill


I have a problem. I use Inkscape (Inkscape 0.91 r13725) and export my picture as svg.

It draw the black line at first. But at the bottom there is some color from the filling-color (red).

I tried with different pictures, also the the pictures from example...

Can you help me?



If you want feedback on an SVG, be sure to upload the SVG.

One of several things could be happening...

Based on your screenshot:
1) It looks like you used a transparent stroke over your red color (GOOD) but it looks like you also used a transparent stroke over your black stroke (UNNECCESSARY). If you delete the transparent stroke over your black stroked path, I think it will work better (assuming that the black stroked path is a black stroked path and has not been converted to an outline or a filled area or something).

Does it draw the black line twice?

If that does not solve the problem, please upload the SVG.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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