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How do I move images without hand being shown

I have made an AV,
Obesity : A looming lifestyle threat
kindly give your feedback, moreover would like to know that i dont want to draw in my next,
but would like to draw without hand being shown. please suggest the way.


Hi Goldie,

Thanks for your post - If you are looking for community feedback on one of your scribes I suggest publishing it to Youtube and sharing the link here.

If you need all of the elements in your scribe to draw with no hand, select the hand symbol in the bar at the top of your scribe, and then select the blank tile from the list of options.

If you need to have only one element drawn without the hand, click on the image in the time line, select 'properties', select the hand symbol from the bar at the bottom of the window that pops up, and then select the blank tile.

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