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Hand and arm size


This seems to be a repeat topic, but I have yet to actually figure it out...the previous discussion I found was a year ago. 

We imported our own hand and arm in an effort to make it smaller, but no matter how small our text, how small our hand picture is, how big the canvas is, VS just makes the hand super big.  Is there a clear direction on how to correct this?  What step am I missing to fix this hand size and show the arm? This is making the program unusable,  

Thank you so much, I truly appreciate the help.  :)  ...wishing you all a great day...


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Hi Llynne,

Sorry you're having issues with hand creation.

Are you able to attach a copy of these hands so we can take a look?

If you prefer you can create a support ticket so they are not attached publicly.

Has this been fixed? Major issue!



This has a been a question for a long time and I think it has been more of a "not explained clearly" issue than a "doesn't work right" issue, so I did some experimentation and made a mini guide:

Custom hand SIZE- Additional insights and tips

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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