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Interface inconsistancy

When setting properties numerically, the "Check" button accepts the entry and returns to the Main Properties Dialog Box, allowing the user to move to the next image in sequence, if desired. Typically the "Enter" key is equivalent to clicking the "Ok" button and much faster, but in this case the active dialog AND the Main Properties Dialog are closed, sending the user back to the canvas. I find this inconsistent and, once again, I am forced to change 30 years of precedent, for a single program. Please make the "OK" and "Enter" do the same thing within a dialog box.

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Hi Ray, 

Sorry if I have misunderstood you on this one.

If you're in image properties, pressing Enter will be the same as pressing the Tick icon on the screen you are on.

Can you provide a s specific example of where this is not working for you (e.g. a Screen shot) we will investigate. 

Sorry, I thought I was pretty specific. Here is a screen capture of the dialog I'm referring to.

For example: when I click the "animate" value and type a specific number, then click the "Checkmark" I am taken back to the "Properties" dialog for that image. If I click "Enter" I am taken back to the Canvas, bypassing the Properties Dialog. I expect these to methods to be identical but they are not.

Thanks for the update Ray.

We will look into this.

Has there been a solution to this? For me hitting "Enter" seems to recover the last saved file and it has destroyed 20-30 minutes of work multiple times now.

James, that's a new one on me in terms of reverting back to the last saved version. Would you log a ticket for us and give more information about which properties box is doing this, what version of the software you are using, etc. We can then investigate and try and replicate the issue. If it's causing work to be lost then that's obviously more of an issue than needing to click back into properties so if this is a bug it would make a fix a higher priority.

The main issue I brought up here -- maybe it'll be more clear and get more likes. It would save time and frustration to not have to use my mouse to hit the check mark! Checks and enter equivalency are ubiquitous so it's frustrating for it not to work as expected. I keep forgetting and it makes the work drag on.

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