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Undo Move?

When I accidentally move an object, "Undo" does NOT fix the problem. How do I quickly get back to the previous state?

Hi Ray,

You if you encounter this, you can drag the item back to it's original place.

That's true. It is also easier said than done in some cases. In this case two items were perfectly registered. Since there is no "align" feature in VideoScribe and no "Undo" for moved items, there really is no way to recover without losing considerable time.

Being able to undo would be most helpful.  I've had to redo, with the extra time it takes because of the registration.  Sometimes afraid to make an adjustment because an undo is not available.  Please add this feature.

It's been over a year. Is there an "Undo" for moved items yet? "Moving" back to the original location is woefully inadequate.

When will "undo move" work in VideoScribe? How can anyone work effectively without such a fundamental function?

Improvements to undo/redo are in the backlog but have not yet been selected for development.

Hi all, I agree, it’s very essential to have this functionnality !

 Vote +1 for this feature.

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