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How to "Deselect All"?

I am zoomed up on a selected object and want to pan the camera. How do I "deselect all" so I can use the "pan" tool? The current frame is fully occupied by the selected object.

Found an answer: "Command+Shift+Click" (Mac) will deselect an image. Still not sure how to "Deselect All", but this works for now.

I think....
in the timeline, if you click an element that is not currently on the visible canvas, it will deselect everything else, then you can command+shift+click to deselect the last element.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks, Mike.

Actually, I've found I Command+shift+click directly on a select item to deselect it. It doesn't solve the need for a "Deselect All" command, but it sure helps.

Hi Ray to deselect, click on an empty part of the canvas. 

Joe, sometimes it is not possible to click on a "blank" area of the canvas. I found I can "Cmd+shift+click a selected image to deselect it. Ray

Yeah in Windows, it's Cntrl + Shift + Click to deselect the object. And I agree, there is a need for a 'Deselect All' routine...sometimes if you have a complex canvas, there is NO WHERE to click to deselect everything... and if you have to try to pan or zoom the camera, it becomes very difficult to do so when your canvas is covered in layers of objects especially those kinds of objects that have larger bounding boxes because of their unusual shapes, etc. Cheers guys.

This is a good feature suggestion. I don't know if there is already a thread for this in the feature suggestion part of the forums.

Until this feature is implemented:

1) You can add a new element from your recently used images menu and then delete it. Doing so will deselect everything without moving anything or changing any settings.


2) you can use the arrow keys on the canvas to move the canvas/camera without deselecting everything. When you get to an empty part of the canvas, you can click it to deselect everything if you want to.


3) You can use the eye icons in the timeline to hide some items until there is an empty space to click on the canvas. Then click the canvas to deselect everything.


4) the other tips mentioned above

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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