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Instant morph still shows lines

I want to morph between two SVG objects because I'd like the first object to disappear, but even when Morph Animate time is "0" I still see the lines of the morph drawing on screen. They also appear in the video output.

As I write this I realize my other option is to add a color background to the second SVG, so it will hide the first one. This gets a little messy when working with colored backgrounds, since the color may change. Using a separate shape to hide the underlying SVG might work, but I'm afraid the transition will not be as smooth.

Any suggestions?

FYI… I am not using the "scribing" option in this video.

Yes, using the "hide" object DOES NOT work. There is a short blank section in the animation even when everything is set to "0" for the layer.

Hi Ray, the morph feature transfers lines from on to another so you will get the lines appearing when you morph.

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