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should microsoft office version should be of any particular version?? I am facing a problem there because when I transfer the ppt to other system I am not able to play it or is it copy locked?

Hoping a reply from u...

Thank you


1) Is the PPT playing on one computer and not playing on another?
2) Or is the PPT not playing anywhere? (that might be a different problem).

3) It should not be copy locked. However, I believe the embedded video is WMV format, so the computer will have to have an appropriate video player or codec installed.

4) I think that the video is embedded so I don't think that you could be moving  the ppt without the video but that might be something to investigate.

5) If one of the computers has a very old version of Office, you could download and install the current free Powerpoint viewer. (you will still need to have the right video codecs too I believe.)

Hope that helps,
-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Suman.

The Powerpoint file is exported as a pptx file so your version of Powerpoint needs to be able to play these.

Another option is to use Libre Office as the latest version will play these files, it is what I use at home :)

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