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Cost of premium images?

I started the 7 day trial to determine if I want to subscribe. All of the images I will want to use are "Premium" and I can't seem to find the cost of these images anywhere. Is there a way to see an image library with costs before subscribing to get an idea of what the total cost will be?


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Hey Derek. I'm pretty sure you can use any premium image if you subscribe. The trial doesn't cover them.

All of the regular videoscribe library images are free to use with the free trial as well as the paid membership.

However videoscribe ALSO allows artists the opportunity to sell (or give away) their own (Premium) images through the videoscribe interface. I believe images with a blue tag are free and a red tag are for sale. Prices vary so you may have to click the image to see the price.

Buying and using premium images

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks for the responses. When clicking on images wother red banners while using the trial it does not display prices. It only explains that they are not available.

How long does it take to have the purchase confirmed?

Once your payment is confirmed, click the tick icon on the confirmation message and the image will appear on your canvas.

my issue is that i do not want to subscribe to Video Scribe without first knowing what the premium images will cost me. I understand that once you click on one it is suppose to display the price, however in the free trial it does not. 

Is there a way to find out the cost of the premium (red stripe) images before subscribing?

Today I looked at a few and the price ranged from $3.70 - $11.00 (give or take I can't remember exactly).  However, I was looking for a specific image so I can't say if that's the entire range.

Thanks Jeanne. This is helpful. Depending on the images someone wants it might make more sense to pay someone to do it....
I can't find a working link to the community exchange anywhere on this website or in the program...

using Google, I found this page with pricing, which may or may not be an official Community Exchange page:
I believe those are the current prices ($.98 to $78.69 USD)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Derek,

The premium image prices are set by the artist and can vary.

The Artists also has the ability to reduce or increase the costs of the images.

The Community Exchange is a relatively new feature and is only available to Pro users.

There are also other sources for images you can use such as, Google image search, SVG Studio, and many other SVG image stock sites.

If you would like to see extra options and features in VideoScribe including improvements to the Community Exchange options, we would love to hear them.

We have a section for Ideas and feature requests which is reviewed regularly, feel free to add your suggestions here.

Guys I was really into your service until retina issues and premium image prices. I'm voting two thumbs down with my wallet by taking my business elsewhere.

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