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My Free Trial Expired-Urgent


My Free Trial just expired, and a few days ago I was trying to download my scribes but it wouldn't work, so I just left it. I came back today, as I need my scribe for school today, and it said I couldn't access them.

Is there any way to access your scribes without getting a SPARKOL PRO account?

Thank you,


Here is a picture of the error comment.

Yes that is correct, your free trial allows you to use videoscribe for one week. After that, you are expected to pay if you wish to use the program again.

However, if you already rendered videos to youtube, facebook or powerpoint during your free trial, you should still have those.

Customer support works weekdays during UK business hours if you want to speak to a representative.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike,

The problem is that I couldn't download the scribe off the video scribe application, as I left it open for at least 5 hours, but it still wouldn't download.

Are there any ways to get my scribe off? I don't even need to edit it or change it.


If your free trial was still active, or if you were a member, we could try to figure out what is causing the problem with your scribe.

here's the link to Raise a Ticket with customer support.

I'm not sure what their policies are, but they may be able to help you.

Thank you

Can I have an extra 24h I need to download my file for a school presentation! URGENTLY

My laptop had a problem, I finally fixed it. I have a project due tomorrow- I created a video but my free trial ended! PLEASE can I extend my trail for a little bit just so I can publish my video?? :(

Hi Scarlett- we can see you've raised a ticket, and will get back to you via the ticket 


I used another free trial version few days ago, inthat version i have saved my work online..

bt i forgot to take another copy in my laptop.. 

how can i get my work its important.. 

i didnt have an idea that it saved online means only for that id ..

If you raise a ticket from your trial account we send you a copy of the project file

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