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Keep an element on top

Hi. I have a problem in where there are several things on top of each other and I want to erase one of the elements with the scribble out option, but it also scribbles out everything behind it. 

How do I make an element stay on top so it doesn't get scribbled out?

elements added later in the timeline will always be on top of earlier elements
You would need to think of a better way to erase the older element. for example if you have a picture of a table and a picture of an apple on top of the table and then you want to erase the table....

1) add the table image to the timeline
2) add the apple image with a transparent background to the timeline
3) add a new copy of the apple image with a white background that will "erase" the table asthe new apple image is drawn.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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