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Can't move several items at once?

If I ctrl or shift click to select many items in my scribe, in the lower end of the program where all the elements are listed, I can't move them all at once?

So when you want to make a change to a part of your scribe earlier in the timeline, you have to manually drag every item one by one from the front of the line to the back?

Is there a way to drag many items at once?

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1) in the timeline, ctrl+click the elements you want to select
2) click the "cut" icon or use ctrl+x to cut the elements from the timeline
3) select one of the remaining elements in your timeline where you want to paste the cut elements
4) use the "paste" icon or ctrl+v to paste the cut elements back into the timeline after the selected element.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


As stated elsewhere, this workaround is not a good solution. It converts all animation to "Draw" regardless of their original settings. There currently IS no way to move multiple items without losing image settings.

I would like to move grouped objects to a different location on the whiteboard, not to a different place on the timeline.  Is this possible?

 just ctrl+click each object to select all the objects, then click+drag the grouped objects.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Mike, I sure do appreciate you and your patience.
is there a way to KEEP the elements grouped as one piece throughout my designing? seems like when i want to move anything, i have to regroup the same items i grouped a minute before.


Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to remember or automatically reselect a group of items after you deselect them.

However, if they are grouped together in the timeline, it is pretty easy to click the first one then SHIFT+click the last one to select the whole group.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi, so there is no way to animate various elements at once?

VideoScribe will only draw/move/morph one thing at a time on the canvas. It's designed to emulate someone drawing on a whiteboard as much as possible and you can only draw one thing at a time in real life.

I cannot get the Cntl+Click feature to work in 3.0.6. Is it still there?

If you are on a mac you should be using cmd instead of cntrl. on PC it is still ctrl I think.


Thank, Mike. It turns out this was a side effect of setting the "Image Quality" too high. I had it set at "1920px" thinking I'd need that of an 1080p quality video. After setting it back to 800 several "issues" were resolved.

cmd/ctl+X does not work reliably in VScribe 3. If I use the keyboard it cuts on one of selected items. If I use the Edit menu item it seems to work proper.

In the most recent case using the keyboard cause one element to be cut and left the other 4 elements highlighted but with no preview in the timeline. It also caused the program to become "stuck" (unable to deselect and unable to revert by using the "back to home" arrow). A pretty frustrating experience with a relatively small animation file.

These issues are being caused when using ctrl+click which is used to bring up the 'right click' menu in VideoScribe on a Mac. All other keyboard shortcuts use the cmd key on a Mac. You can avoid issues with using the ctrl+click command by setting up your mouse or trackpad to right click.

The keyboard shortcuts are as follows:

For Mac:

cmd+a - select all elements

cmd+c - copy

cmd+v - paste

cmd+d - duplicate

cmd+p - preview scribe

cmd+z - undo*

cmd+y - redo*

cmd+x - cut

cmd+s - save

fn+delete (backspace) - delete selected element(s)


cmd+left/right arrow key - selected element will move left/right in the timeline.

[shift+]left/right/up/down arrow key - selected element will move left/right/up/down on the canvas

Home or fn+left arrow key - selected element moves to beginning of timeline

End or fn+right arrow key - selected element moves to end of timeline

Arrow keys - if an element is selected will move that element if not will move canvas

*Undo and redo only affect rotate and resize.

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