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Videoscribe can't do super basic animations?

I'm trying to make a stick figure flex his stick arms in Videoscribe as a part of a how-to video but this seems to be impossible? I've tried lurking these forums and watching the tutorials.

I've tried placing the first stick figure and then a "scribble out" over it and then the next stick figure with the arms flexed but this makes an annoying white space in between the animation and also the first stick man zooms out after scribbling it.

I'd also like to know how I can stop the first picture from doing any sort of zooming after it's drawn.


Videoscribe can incorporate animation.

1) use your previously mentioned method with stick men images that have white backgrounds so you can skip the middle step of the scribble-out. make sure your transition time and pauses are set to zero for the first stickman.


2) Use morph with two properly made SVG images


3) make an animated gif to accomplish the animated effect you described.

Those techniques will require you to make custom art using a program such as inkscape, adobe illustrator, photoshop or gimp.

Morphing and gifs are discussed on the Instant Answers Page.

To prevent camera movements after each drawing: camera setting tips.

you may want to watch all of the tutorial videos on the Instant Answers page for more information.

-Mike (videoscribe user)



A .gif is a REALLY good idea but it seems gifs are a bit bugged in videoscribe? I uploaded a .gif and it seems to loop such that it leaves the last frame on the picture. The .gif works perfectly when I view it in the browser as you can see here:
In Videoscribe it starts tearing and when it has looped once, both the closed and the open part is visible..

Here it is in videoscribe.

Also, notice how "jagged" the lines are. I don't like this. Any way to fix that? I may have temporarily fixed the other issue by not ticking "transparent" in flash when creating it.

1) Make your gif with a white background instead of a partially transparent background.


2) make sure it is set to "normal" instead of "multiply" in videoscribe.

I'm not sure about how to fix the jagged lines.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


That took care of it. Jagged lines are still there, though. Thanks a lot for your help, it's definitely solved my main problems though!

Great! Thanks for posting your results.


my sparkal not open

Dipti Dipti, please describe the problem much more clearly.

If your question is not about animation or animated gifs please create a new thread for your question.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I'd like to unsubscribe to notifications from Sparkol. The link in the email doesn't work. Can you remove me from all notifications?

you should probably raise a support ticket and ask customer support about that. click YOUR TICKETS link at the top of this page.

also make sure your email client is not blocking a popup window or disabling the links that you need to click in the email

-Mike (videoscribe user)


i download videosribe but its not login i try many time but its countinously not login so tell me how i can open and use this app

Dipti dipti,
unfortunately that is not enough information for me to understand exactly what you are doing or exactly what you are seeing.

you should probably contact customer support.

if you are seeing an error message when you try to login, tell them the error message.

if the message is something like "you must upgrade to PRO to continue using videoscribe" then someone has already used a free trial on that computer and you cannot use another one.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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