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Scale by percentage?

Is this available in VideoScribe? It would be very helpful when scaling multiple images that must register properly.

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Hi Ray, Thanks for your question.

Images are brought onto the canvas at a scale dependant on the current canvas zoom level.

We are looking into adding and option where you can specify the percentage of this zoom level manually.

Dear Sparkol Team / dear Joe,

Yes Please can you add the option of scaling in percentage soon?! 

Now it's a big struggle to scale 2 images to precisely the same size!! 

I work with objects/images which must precisely fit when sliding over one another.

And this also applies to sentences that should have the same font size!

When can we expect this scale-option?

Soon i hope! Then you really make my day!!! ;-) and lots of VS-users with me i think :-)

Hi Renate,

Thanks for your question.

I cannot give s specific date of when this feature will be added.

It is a request with our development team but has not been scoped or scheduled into

a release as yet.

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