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"Add Image" dialog clutter

How do I prevent images from previous projects from appearing in the "Add Image" dialog? I would rather see only images relevant to the current project.

to clear the recent images, right-click (or the equivalent on a mac) any of the recent images and select "clear cache" (I think that is the correct wording)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks, Mike. That works, although it clears EVERYTHING, not just the items from a previous project.

I don't know why VideoScribe does not link to files on disk, like so many other editing programs do. Then I would not need to constantly import new versions of the same artwork, they would just link to the on-disk file.

Hi Ray,

Recently used images are for all projects at the moment.

You can delete them individually or completely clear the list.

I have changed this question to an Ideas and Feature request to see if it is popular.

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