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Embed a scribe into something else?

Can a finished scribe be embedded into a different presentation system?  For example, could I embed a scribe into a Prezi or a Powerpoint presentation?  Thanks.

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 Videoscribe can render video directly to powerpoint

Videoscribe can also render video in MOV, WMV and FLV formats (FLV is scheduled to be replaced by AVI in version 2.3) Those videos can be imported/embedded into various other programs/documents.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

How about into youtube editing program?  Can you finish a videoscribe file and embed into a youtube video midway through?  Sorry if this is an elementary question, just working on basics here...

Brett, as Mike said you can render to a number of video formats (although FLV is no longer available from v2.3 onwards) and there are lots of video editing applications out there that will let you stitch files together so yes it's possible.

How do I embed my video scribe into our school Google site. The embed code is not working. Is there a trick to making it work?

Mary, you need to use Google's embed gadget on your site for the code to work.

How do i embed a scribe into squarespace?

1) use a pro videoscribe membership to render videos using videoscribe.

2) consult the squarespace website or squarespace customer support to find out what kind of video to use and how to embed the video.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I teach for a college that uses Canvas as its LMS. I created a scribe but can't embed it using HTML (like I do YouTube videos). What do I need to know?
1) what is the full name of the file you are trying to embed? (a .scribe file is not a video file for example)

2) only paying members can publish video files to their computer. fre member can publish to youtube, facebook and a powerpoint file.

3) have you tried publishing your scribe to youtube and then embedding it using the youtube embed code.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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