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Can't find more hands

Good day. I have a problem with the hands, before I was able to pick any hand I want but right now I only have a few hands:

This tutorial says to find a the "gear icon" but as you can see, I don't have it.

What can I do? 


1) The tutorial from a year ago is for version 1 of videoscribe  You are using version 2. Click the INSTANT ANSWERS link at the top of this page to view current tips and guides.

2) You probably have to have an active internet connection when you login to videoscribe to see all of the hands
3) if you are connected to the internet, restarting videoscribe might help.
4)  If you are on a laptop and the network card has gone into sleep/low power mode, videoscribe will probably consider your login "offline". Try closing videoscribe, opening an internet browser and doing a search to wake your network card, then immediately start and login to videoscribe.

I don't currently have a laptop so I can't test number 4.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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