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Size of hand changing in middle of the scribe

 Hi guys,

The size of the hand I'm using is changing in the middle of the scribe. Everything starts ok but at some point the hand becomes super large for no reason making the second half of my work look like... well... crap :)

Can anyone tell me how to fix that ?

Thanks !

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We are aware of a bug in the current version (2.2.4) where the hand changes size after a move-in. This will happen every time when you preview the scribe. The workaround is to ignore the fact that the hand is large when editing the scribe and when you come to render close down VideoScribe, load the scribe again and render straight away without previewing. The hand should remain the normal size in the rendered video.

I'm having this problem as well with the newest version (3.0.2-4PC). The workaround however is not working for me. I've included two screens showing the problem. Any help would be much appreciated. 



One solution is to uninstall the current version and reinstall an older version.

(A normal uninstall will not affect any of your saved files but I would still recommend saving both locally and online so you have a backup of each scribe.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for the reply - I was on a deadline for the project so I tried a few things and actually figure it out. I had the line (covered by the hand) coming in at 0 seconds and pausing for .5 second. I didn't do that on purpose so i swapped it and it started rendering correctly. Looks like 0 seconds to move in (with hand) messed it up. Thanks again for your reply. Love Video Scribe!

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