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Publishing my video to .wmv

When I try to publish my scribe to a .wmv format it is taking 79 minutes to publish. I have had no problems with other scribes I have created. Why is it taking so long?

I only have 6 images and they are optimized - no image is larger than 500K. I only have one audio file.

Can you provide any suggestions? When I tried to publish the file before it only took a few minutes.


I would suggest that you save it (or save a new copy with a different name and close videoscribe. Then open videoscribe and publish the scribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Alexis, that scribe definitely shouldn't be taking that long to publish, even as a WMV. If saving under a different name doesn't work, you could also try removing the music track, re-adding it and then trying to publish.

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