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When I upgraded to the new version I lost audio

The audio is gone from my previous scribes with the upgraded version. Any ideas on how to recover that?

Thanks, Susan


HI Susan,

Sorry that you have had this problem - your audio won't have been deleted, but VideoScribe may be having some problems with accessing the files. Could you let us know which version of VideoScribe you had before upgrading, and which version you have now? We will then be able to work on getting this resolved for you. 

Hi Daniel.  I deleted my old version so I'm not sure what it was. Was it 1.3 something? I hadn't used it in quite some time. Then I just repurchased and my videos were there with audio, I also made a new video and saved it online to my file with audio. I then upgraded to 2.2.4 and that's when the audio was lost for the old videos and the new one I just made.  You can see in the attached it shows that audio exists, just not there.

I took a screenshot of the contents of the info. that was in the trash from deleting it, not sure if that helps you get an idea of what version I had.


Hi Susan,

What I would recommend you do is save the scribes with the missing audio to your online directory (cloud icon). When you have done this, load the scribe from the cloud and see if the audio is there. If it isn't let us know the names of the scribes and we can take a look for you.

I had uploaded the newest scribe online before I upgraded to the newer version and when I downloaded it there was no audio. But I'll upload it again from the new version along with 1 or 2 of my old ones and see if the audio is there when I play them back.


That's not working. None of my videos have audio anymore. The 3 I tried uploading are Tripwire Intro, Phone Script and I checked Oxidative Stress Sales Video - nothing after I downloaded them again.


I'm running out of time on this. The tripwire video is one I need right away and if my audio can't be retrieved I need to re-record it, so please let me know as soon as you can.



Hi Susan,

Sorry for the delayed response. I have saved a copy of your scribe to your online directory with the voiceover attached. I was able to extract the audio from the scribe you saved to your online directory. The name of the scribe on your online directory is 'Sparkol Tripwire Intro Video'. If you have any more similar scribes and would like the audio recovered, please submit a support ticket with the names of the scribes that are saved to your online directory.

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