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Disappearing elements


I've just created my first proper Scribe and there are elements the disappear during playback.  These are ticks and a shape that I morphed to tip up and level out like a see-saw.

My question is why do these things disappear?  I thought it might have just been while I'm still creating the Scribe but it's the same on export and I have no idea why.  Can someone please tell me.


Hi Martin,

When you morph an image, there is an option to clear the item.

This will make the image you are morphing from disappear.

You can go into the element properties of the item you're morphing to and uncheck clear item.

This will mean the image you are morphing from will stay on the canvas.

Thanks for your answer Joe.  However I had checked and unchecked this when building the Scribe and both end of the morph disappear.  It shouldn't be a problem with the images a they're all from the VideoScribe library.  It's very puzzling and I can't work it out.  Does that help any further?


Hi Martin, it would be great if you can share the scribe with us.

You can either save it to your cloud directory and I can take a look if you let me know the name of it.

Alternatively, you can Raise a support ticket and the support ticket can investigate it for you privately.

Okay Joe

It's saved in the cloud directory and its called Nimble Remake.  What do you need from me to find it and have a look?

Just to reiterate, the issues are, the see-saw disappears, reappears close up then disappears again and the ticks and boxes at the end disappear. Please let me know what you find.


Hi Martin,

Thanks for saving your scribe online. The support team have been able to take a look at it, and it looks like this issue is being caused by a bug which causes some elements to disappear at certain zoom levels or camera positions. This is an issue that our development team are aware of and looking into. Please accept our apologies for this and the problems that it has caused for you.

I have been able to fix the issue of the see-saw disappearing (but not the tick icons) by changing the camera position slightly - please see the scribe I have saved into your cloud folder as "Nimble remake - edited" and let us know if you still get the issue when viewing this scribe.

Hi Daniel

Thanks for taking a look and fixing one of the problems for me.  So I guess in the future I need to play with how far I can zoom in and what angles to do it from, right?  But just for the future, any ideas when your development people may have these issues fixed?

Thanks again.

Hey Martin, that's right, in the meantime if you get this issue you will need to change the camera position you have set. At the moment I can't advise on a specific time line for this bug fix, but it is on their list of current issues to resolve.

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